Writers write, and I did a lot of it this week

17 09 2011

Can’t stress the title of this post enough. If writing is what you do and what you like, you do it as often as you can. So I write during a lot of whatever spare time I find when not editing or teaching.

Allow me to share with you a look back on my week of writing.

On Monday it was Arizona State football. QB Brock Osweiler is fantastic with the media. Read about his roommate on the road in this early preview of the ASU-Illinois game. 

Wednesday, my short story about Vancouver Whitecaps defender Jordan Harvey appeared on Soccer by Ives. He looks exactly like former Portland Trailblazers center Joel Przybilla. Here’s what Joel looks like:

Thursday I got kind of fired up about the Dodgers-Diamondbacks, Clayton Kershaw-Gerardo Parra flap. So I took this view for SB Nation Arizona. 

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Five days in Pasadena and L.A.

22 06 2011

I spent the better part of last week in California to be there for a big day for my family, and it was great. Saw plenty of relatives, went go-karting and took in a Dodger game. Let’s start there.

My favorite baseball team has won its last three games, but last Wednesday, they were in the midst of a losing streak in which they were playing some really uninspired and sorry baseball. Still, I got to see a game. I see one every year pretty much.

The Dodgers in Brooklyn throwback uniforms. Here's the pitch...

Matt Kemp of LA about to hit a double against the Cincinnati Reds.

Kemp and Andre Ethier in the outfield. Dodgers lost 7-2. It was ugly.

Bummed out as Dodgers get creamed on a beautiful day for baseball.

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When your favorite teams all win on the same day

1 04 2011

I feel sort of like Charlie Sheen (“Winning!”)

First it was Oregon Ducks basketball winning the CBI tournament championship game over Creighton at Matt Arena in Eugene. A 21-win season for the Ducks. No one could have predicted that, and now they get a trophy. Sure it’s a consolation prize but hardware is hardware and the Ducks had to win six games (five of them at home) to win this tournament.

Matt Court, when I went a few months ago.

It’s something to build off for next season.

Next, the Portland Trailblazers beat Oklahoma City in an important NBA game. The Blazers’ magic number for a playoff spot is two games. They’ll get in, it’s just a matter of whom they play in the first round. It has been another crazy year for the Blazers and yet here they are again right in the mix.

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Final days of 2011 spring training

27 03 2011

It’s Sunday the 27th, and I have two days left of spring training coverage.

I’m just happy to say I got through it. Struggled through some health problems for the past couple of weeks but I fought through it and here I am near the end.

Here are some images from the past couple of days:

The Dodgers arrive for last Friday night's game against Seattle.

LA's Rafael Furcal up to bat.

Seattle's Felix Hernandez in minor-league game Sunday.

The King.

I need a mileage allowance

3 03 2011

For  real.

The week so far: Mariners game in Peoria. Dodgers game in Glendale. A’s game in East Phoenix, featuring photo by Marcio Sanchez, one of the best in the business and a guy I know. Giants vs. Diamondbacks game in Scottsdale. And today, spent the morning with the Cleveland Indians in Goodyear.

Also, I got a chance to talk to Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson last weekend, and here’s the Q&A I did with him in Casa Grande. He’s an enthusiastic guy who is passionate about his soccer team; nevertheless, I had to give him a bit of a hard time about his other team, the former Portland Beavers of minor-league baseball, who left Portland when no deal could be reached to build a ballpark for them. Paulson was a good sport about it all, and a good interview.

Putting in work, trying to get paid. Here are some photos from yesterday and today.

Cleveland pitcher Justin Masterson vs. the A's on March 2.

Tim Lincecum (guy with long hair), SF Giants pitcher

Above is Cleveland’s facility. Had never been there until today.


My first two days of spring training games (M’s & Los Doyers)

28 02 2011

As I begin to settle in for a month of spring training games (including all Seattle Mariners home games), I decided to kick off my second spring training season in Arizona with some photos.

The first few are from the Seattle Mariners’ opening game of the spring, Feb. 27, against the San Diego Padres. It was only 51 degrees at game time and fewer than 6,000 fans came out. I covered the game for the Associated Press.

Go past the jump for photos from Camelback Ranch (Dodgers).

Ready for baseball in Peoria

Rick Rizzs in the booth, above tribute to the late Dave Niehaus.

Yes, that's snow in the mountains above the Valley of the Sun


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Back in the Day

1 11 2010

Back in the day, the Dodgers won the World Series. They last won it in 1988.

The San Francisco Giants won it Monday night. First one ever for San Francisco. Great city, hate the team, they’re arch-rivals of my Dodgers.

Strange how my feature on Don Mattingly, the new Dodgers manager, went out on the AP wire today, the day San Fran won the series.

So in celebration of the last time MY team won the title, here’s a song from 1988 I used to like. What u know about GUY?!

Now let me share a little Halloween magic.

Victoria Beckham, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and me as Marc Anthony celebrating All Hallow's Eve.