On the outside looking in at Craven Cottage

31 05 2011

It’s been three weeks since the night I went to Craven Cottage, a little soccer stadium that is home to Fulham Football Club, an English Premier League team.

The plan was to see Fulham play Liverpool. I talked to a few people in the days leading up the match and got the sense that tickets weren’t hard to come by; just walk up and buy them.

It had worked in Italy when I went to a Serie A match. I hoped for the best. After all, it had already been a good day touring central London, including a stop in Trafalgar Square to pose with the London Olympics countdown clock and a very fine lunch at the famous Harrod’s department store.

I had strolled to and past 10 Downing Street and gone back to Westminster Abbey, now it was time to see what I really wanted to see, soccer.

We took the subway and when we arrived at the right station for Craven Cottage, the tickets hawkers were already there. I decided to avoid them and head to the stadium. We were there fairly early. PLEASE READ ON…

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