A castle, Canterbury and cliffs

3 06 2011

We took one day on our trip to London and Paris to get out of the big city and see something else in England. I’ve always been in awe of the famous White Cliffs of Dover, and though I didn’t get as close to them as I wanted, at least I saw them.

First was a stop at Leeds Castle. A real castle with a moat.

Then off to Canterbury to tour the famous cathedral and walk through the walled city. Wasn’t feeling the lunch spot suggested to us so we did McDonalds instead. So American of us.

The cathedral was beautiful. Such great architecture.

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Postcard from London: The Changing of the Guard

24 05 2011

I admit I didn’t envision so many people coming out to see this, but there was a big crowd in front of Buckingham Palace on May 8 when we went to see the famous Changing of the Guard.

It was interesting to be in the very place where the crowds looked toward the palace balcony to see William and Kate after the royal wedding. Same fountain, same palace, same streets.

Buckingham Palace

The big fountain outside the palace, I know it has a name but I didn't catch it.

More photos after the jump…

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Postcard from London I

17 05 2011

I took some time away from this online journal, as it’s turning out to be, to take a trip to London and Paris with my wife.

London was just fantastic and it’s a place I’d like to return to some day. The first few days of the trip were spent in England. I take you back to May 6, Day One of the journey.

After a long flight from Atlanta we landed in London and about a half hour after getting to our hotel, we were on our way to sightsee. First stop, the Eye of London. The big Ferris wheel/alien pod from “War of the Worlds” along the Thames River.

I mastered the "Tube" subway system right away. No joke.

Big Ben and House of Parliament from London Eye pod

Turistas. Notice my shirt, I got a few looks from locals. Chelsea is the No. 1 team in London as far as I could tell.

Buckingham Palace

The afternoon was spent with great views of the city. We were super tired, but there was still more in store for us that day. I’ll show you in the next post.