It’s a familia thing

17 01 2012

And I know a lot of you understand.

Family. My dad stressed the importance of it so many times growing up, because ours was so far removed from our relatives in Southern California and other places. Sometimes it feels like it still is.

Which makes those times when you get to see a lot of tios and primos and second cousins and parents’ cousins and spouses and babies, etc., so rewarding.

R.I.P Tia

The paying of respects to Aunt Agnes, or as some called her Aunt Tita, brought us together this past weekend in the San Fernando Valley. It was sad to say goodbye to the matriarch of the Romero family, who lived to age 98 and was one of the most kind and giving women any of us ever knew. But in celebration of her life, the Romero/Paredes/Romo/Jiron families, plus folks from my mom’s side of the family who graciously took their time to be there for us, were able to come together.

First and second cousins, love my family!

It was just nice to see so many people again and catch up. I learned a lot. Talked to Uncle Smiley about his time in Eugene when he went up to Oregon to go to school. Got in a lot of photos. Caught up with Cousin Maggie and Paul and took my turn as being the butt of a few jokes.

It seems like no matter how long I go without seeing them, every time I do I feel like I just saw them last week. We’re good like that.

Family is precious. Make it a big part of your life and it will help you feel fulfilled.

Me with my sisters! We only get to see each other a few times a year. Love you both and I'm so proud of you! PS Thanks Maggie for posting the photo.




One response

19 01 2012

Love you too little bro..proud of you too! You are a good man, a gifted writer! This was a nice piece! Brian Sandy says hi..he’s back in Portland working for Trailblazers!

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