They did it!

4 01 2012

Jan. 2, 2012 was a great day to be an Oregon Duck. They won a Rose Bowl for the first time in 95 years with a 45-38 win over Wisconsin.

I was able to get down on the field for the last four minutes of the game, right after the fumble by Wisconsin that gave the Ducks the ball.

As the seconds ticked off, being impartial with my press credential and trying not to root openly for the school from where my entire family either studied or received bachelors degrees, in the city where I was born, was incredibly difficult.

I’d been to three previous Oregon Bowl games, including two Rose Bowls, and the Ducks had lost them all. Finally, on Jan. 2, they won a big one. The Granddaddy of Them All.

The gameday staff was very helpful and hospitable. The press box was fantastic and there was so much food. Seeing the game from there was wayyyy better than from the stands from a comfort standpoint, only thing was, no cheering. Small price to pay, beyond happy to be there.

Here’s what it looked like right after the officials called the game over. Watch the end when Puddles the Duck goes crazy.

More from down on the field:

I took a number of photos. See below for a few:

Kickoff, Wisconsin vs. Oregon

Third-quarter action

Puddles is nervous. So was I.

This would be the final score.

Cheer squad poses

Defensive MVP of the game, Oregon linebacker Kiko Alonso.




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4 01 2012
Bryant Denny

Congrats on the big win.

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