Coming back strong after a long absence

14 12 2011

Wow what a busy last two months it has been. Writing. Editing. Teaching class. Writing. Editing. Teaching class. Going here and there and even a trip to L.A. for the MLS Cup. Awesome trip. Soccer, hockey, visiting family, hanging out at The Grove (which was all done up for the holidays). And seeing some celebs. Here’s one you might know — Nicole Scherzinger. Forgive my paparazzi-ness. Yeah I was curious.

Simon Cowell and AC Slater, I mean Mario Lopez are in this vid too. Balance.

So it’s been crazy. But one of the good parts was seeing my students — I just completed a semester of teaching writing for journalists at Arizona State U’s Cronkite School — ¬†improve as writers. I had them write enterprise stories as a class assignment and they came out really good. So I am posting a couple of them — those that I link to — to share with the world.

This first one is from Katherine Becerra. It’s about a center for homeless folks trying to get back on their feet, and the people who live there.

And this one is from Jordan Brough, who will be forever known as the guy who broke it down for our class on being Mormon. Jordan is a swimming coach and he writes about two brothers who push other and cheer each other in and out of the pool.

I had many other very good ones and I’m waiting to get links to those. Now back to the daily grind, minus the teaching (for the time being anyway). Happy holidays – here’s a festive photo!

The tree at The Grove in LA.




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