Thanks for everything, Kasey Keller (and more weekend links)

16 10 2011

After the Oregon victory over Arizona State, made that much sweeter as a Duck in ASU territory — and after attending the Phoenix Coyotes’ NHL home opener in Glendale Saturday, I came home and had DVR’ed the Sounders-San Jose match on Fox Soccer Channel. Knowing today was going to be a busy work day (like all NFL Sundays for me), I had to watch it last night and complete a recap as promised for Soccer by Ives. (see link to that story below)

Saturday, then, began at the 2nd Annual Arizona Taco Festival with Stephanie. We got full, fast.

The place in the photo above put a pineapple in my carne asada taco, estilo chilango I guess? Delicioso! There was also a lucha libre ring.

Came home and it was off to the Coyotes game. Big crowd, Phoenix beat the Winnipeg Jets, and I wrote a stream of stories about it. But man it was freezing in that arena! I still like hockey, though..

I don’t get out to Arena often so I took some pics.

When the game was over and I was done writing, it was off to the in-laws house to watch Oregon-ASU. At halftime I wrote this with a happy heart.

The game ended late, and I still had another commitment to fulfill. But I am glad I was up into the early morning watching Kasey Keller’s final home regular-season match. I got to spend more than a year covering the Sounders and Kasey was a big part of the coverage, his personality and honesty helping drive the stories I wrote.

I certainly hope Kasey gets to play for an MLS Cup in his final season, and I appreciate how approachable and just normal he was with myself and the media. Always accountable, never afraid to tell it like it is and a guy who played his heart out every match, whether he was stopping everything or having a tough day or night in goal.

And what a showing at that match by the fans, 64,140. Really makes me step back and think about what I left behind up there, it was huge in the first year and soccer has only gotten bigger in Seattle and the people deserve the success the club is having with all of the support they have given. That was reflected in the comments of Adrian Hanauer, Sigi Schmid, Joe Roth and Keller on that stage Saturday night as I watched it at 1:30 a.m.




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