Playoff baseball is not so bad

7 10 2011

It’s been 10 years since I covered a major-league baseball playoff game. The last one was in in the Bronx when the Yankees and Seattle Mariners were in the American League Championship Series.

Tuesday night I was at the Arizona-Milwaukee game in Phoenix. Did some work, saw a few friends, took a few pictures from Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

I’m sure the manager of the Brewers was playing around, but it was a bit odd when he asked reporters a question to start his comments after the game. 

The atmosphere at games that really count in baseball is just more electric. It’s great to go to games all season, but when it’s crunch time, fans really let loose when big plays happen. I saw a grand-slam home run from this guy Tuesday night, Paul Goldschmidt, and that’s pretty rare especially in postseason. (Arizona hit another the next night, rare, yeah right!)

More work here, and another photo below.

(Update: Just got denied my credential request for championship series, but it might all be for not as Arizona was in a tough spot against Milwaukee in the deciding Game 5 as I wrote this).




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