Writers write, and I did a lot of it this week

17 09 2011

Can’t stress the title of this post enough. If writing is what you do and what you like, you do it as often as you can. So I write during a lot of whatever spare time I find when not editing or teaching.

Allow me to share with you a look back on my week of writing.

On Monday it was Arizona State football. QB Brock Osweiler is fantastic with the media. Read about his roommate on the road in this early preview of the ASU-Illinois game. 

Wednesday, my short story about Vancouver Whitecaps defender Jordan Harvey appeared on Soccer by Ives. He looks exactly like former Portland Trailblazers center Joel Przybilla. Here’s what Joel looks like:

Thursday I got kind of fired up about the Dodgers-Diamondbacks, Clayton Kershaw-Gerardo Parra flap. So I took this view for SB Nation Arizona. 

Friday afternoon I went to Arizona Cardinals practice without much idea of what I would write. I came up with this. Standard stuff, but NFL stuff nonetheless.  Even took the pic that is in the story, too.  And this one of WR Larry Fitzgerald looking tired after hot day at practice.

And on Friday night, I covered my first high-school football game of the season in Scottsdale. Had to sit next to a video guy with some bad body odor but that’s what you deal with, among other things, when covering prep sports. Some guy even gave me his card to appear on a radio show. Strange.

Anyway, here’s the story for the Arizona Republic and a video I took.




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