Labor Day Weekend 2011 – Sade, College Football, Food & Film

5 09 2011

Let’s just take this one at a time.

Friday night was the Sade/John Legend concert in Phoenix. We went, and man that Sade put on a good show. I always kind of liked her music and took one for the team (aka wife) more than anything else in going, and I wish I could have heard the one song I wanted her to perform, but it was still quite a concert. Loved the mulitmedia action as the backdrop for the stage.

Video time:

Took a few photos with the Iphone too.

Saturday was the big Oregon-LSU game. My school lost badly. It sucked. Watched it with alumni and fans and the party was over fast as the Ducks faded in the second half but I stayed to the bitter end.

Sunday we had barbecue with the in-laws. Good folks, good cooks, good music, enough said. That was after we saw “The Help.” Powerful movie with a good historical context. I recommend.

Monday was work day, no Labor Day off for me. Just getting things done. Had the Diamondbacks game on as well, damn they’re good, much as I may not want to admit it.






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