Election Day over three days? Oh yeah

27 08 2011

Yes, my life is largely consumed by sports (see the English translation of this blog). And when I’m not writing or talking or reading or watching sports, I’m seeing what else is going on in the world. Yesterday I went to the movies to see “Colombiana.”

It was all right. Avatar Girl (Zoe Saldaña) kicking a$$ on people as a hired killer and avenging her parents’ murder.

Tonight I am going to the Diamondbacks game. But today, it’s election day in Phoenix. My wife is working (she’s a city hall employee) and she’s been real busy with media requests, an early-morning live shot, etc.

It’s pretty different. I’m used to voting by mail or by going to a polling place on a Tuesday. In this situation, there are 26 polling places one can go to in Phoenix to cast votes for mayor and city council over a three-day span. They can do so Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, with Tuesday being Election Day when the votes are tallied and results announced.

Me? My vote is in already, did the ballot at home and got it dropped off at City Hall long before today. ¡Mi voto es mi voz!

There’s a video and info on voting centers here at the city’s official website.

Voters don’t have to go to their neighborhood precinct, they can go to any voting center anywhere. Phoenix, says this online article, is the first city ever in the U.S. to offer Saturday voting.






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