Shakin’, Shakin’, Shakes — and so long Kelly Johnson

23 08 2011

After class today, an earthquake struck the East Coast. I have many friends and family around the DC-Baltimore area and up and down the seaboard and I certainly wish them well in light of the disaster.

Earthquakes are no joke. Just ask California and Japan and various other places around the world. Thankfully it was only a 5.8, but the population and density is concentrated in a much smaller area than out West so it certainly could have been a lot worse.

Sort of makes you wonder where this world and this civilization is headed, doesn’t it? Heat waves and an earthquake in the east, all of these storms and tornados, three haboobs out here in Phoenix area this summer… etc.

Not to be so negative or doomsday-ish… just saying.

See how the quake impacted the D-backs vs. Nationals game tonight in D.C.

And now, something more lighthearted. Los Lobos with a song that seems at least a little appropriate. It has a little Rockabilly feel to it, never a bad thing.

In sports news, the Diamondbacks traded 2B Kelly Johnson to the Toronto Blue Jays. I got to like his at-bat music (it was funny when teammates switched it to “It’s Raining Men,” in a game last season) and its uniqueness.

Here it is, makes you want to bob your head. Kinda sad we won’t be hearing it anymore at Chase Field. This guy and his band rock.




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