18 08 2011

First day of classes today at ASU Cronkite School downtown. I am teaching JMC 201, which is journalism writing.

Two things right off the bat:

1. I have a classroom. Office hours. It’s kind of a trip to think about.

2. Had a very engaging and enjoyable discussion of where we get our news with my students. Thank goodness, I was worried the syllabus review was putting them to sleep. It’s such an early class.

And we’re off and running in fall semester.

Teaching a class got me to thinking about my favorite movies about education.

No. 1 – “Stand and Deliver,” the film starring Edward James Olmos about East L.A. calculus teacher Jaime Escalante. Almost line for line, I kid you not. “Orale! I’m a tough guy! Tough guys deep fry chicken for a living!” and “You burros have math in your blood.”


2. “Animal House.” A classic. Filmed at my college (U of Oregon), so many funny scenes. John Belushi!

3. “Lean On Me.” Another 80s movie, this one about principal Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) at Eastside High in New Jersey. Good soundtrack featuring Big Daddy Kane, Club Nouveau and Force MDs.

4. “Higher Learning” with Ice Cube and Tyra Banks and Omar Epps. This one’s heavy. And deep. It’s about college.

5. “School Daze” – a Spike Lee joint. Three words: Love this song. Crazy movie with some serious undertones. And who doesn’t like this song? (If you remember it).

Honorable mention: “Back to School” with Rodney Dangerfield, ” The Breakfast Club” with Judd Nelson, “American History X” with Edward Norton, “Good Will Hunting,” with Matt Damon and “Mr. Holland’s Opus” with Richard Dreyfus, filmed in Portland, Ore. (close to home!)




One response

19 08 2011
Jim Garcia

The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington is based on true story and is very powerful.

Jim Garcia

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