First trip to Flagstaff, AZ

15 08 2011

Took a two-day work trip up north from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Ariz., to cover two days of Arizona Cardinals training camp Sunday and Monday.

Flagstaff is great. Nice little city, historic Route 66, better-than-I-thought hotel room and lots of pine trees, mountains, clean air. And Northern Arizona University, home of Cards’ training camp and some really great buildings and facilities.

I cruised through town and around campus on Sunday and managed to take a few pictures. I’d come back here in the summer to get away from the Phoenix heat, it’d be a nice getaway.

It poured soon after I arrived in town. Thunder and lightning and cool temps.

Campus soccer pitch amid the pines

Cardinals running sprints inside Walkup Skydome

This sign greets all those sea-level opponents who play the NAU Lumberjacks at their house.

See next page for the Double Rainbow!

Hard to believe that this place is only 2 hours and 10 minutes drive from my house. Completely different world and vibe.

Double Rainbow

Double rainbow II - Are you seeing this Pete Carroll?

Really, too much construction going on all over campus which takes away some from how it could look. But still a place I’d come back to.

Mountains over Flagstaff

The exterior of Walkup Skydome

Campus artwork




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