Too much going on… and it’s only kind of fun

30 07 2011

Here is where we are today in sports:

-NFL training camps are under way after a wild three-four days of free agency courting. Lots of new faces with different teams. The Seahawks could have handled the Matt Hasselbeck departure better, but the guy has a place in the Ring of Honor waiting for him at CenturyLink Field and it totally deserved. Best QB in franchise history. I’ll be a Tennessee Titans fan on many given Sundays this fall.

I always didn’t look forward to camp starting when I covered the Seahawks. It meant the start of a lot of work between then and the end of the season, whenever that would be. And I still don’t like them. Just too much stuff to sift through thanks to the lockout and hurried pace of everything.

-In baseball, the trade deadline fast approaches and I would have thought there’d be a few more moves, but they could happen last minute. Here’s hoping the Pittsburgh Pirates find a way to win the NL Central.

-In soccer, a lot of leagues are about to start their regular seasons. In MLS, the season is into the second half. I want to see what teams are for real. Sure, the MLS All-Stars vs. Man U was kinda blah, especially without Chicharito, but it’s over, and now we can get down to real business. So whom should I be watching in the U-20 World Cup? The U-17 tournament was fun, and not just because Mexico won.

-In the NBA…. lockout. Yawn, wake me up when they end it and guys get to work. I could care less about all of these contrived exhibitions and glorified pickup games. I’d rather watch Streetball or AndOne Tour or whatever it’s called. Work it out, millionaire-zillionaires. I want a season. I like watching my Blazers. I like going to Suns games here. I am so not interested in stars talking about going to Europe to play. Anything I watch from Europe will be soccer.

Lastly, shout out to the Sons of Ben guys who were very complimentary of my Fulham jersey I wore to the Real Madrid-Union match last Saturday. It’s the third kit from last season and looks like this…

And now…  in honor of having received my tickets to the Santana concert  the other day, here you go…




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