4 1/2 Days, Three Stadiums, Two Carlos Ruizes and a Cristiano Ronaldo

24 07 2011

My Philadelphia odyssey ends today and I am glad to say that A. Phoenix is a much better place to stay, and B. I saw the great Cristiano Ronaldo play.

That’s some rhymes right there!

While I don’t doubt that the wife and I will go to Madrid some day, I more doubt I will get a ticket to see Ronaldo in action at the Bernabeu. So I am happy to have seen him and Real Madrid last night, even if I had to fly 4 1/2 hours to see it. A small price to pay, tickets in the end zone 100-level were pretty affordable considering what these things cost these days.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the big screen in Philly

The game itself was pretty good. Didn’t imagine there would be so many Real Madrid fans there. I really like the World Football Challenge. The matches mean little but at least it brings money to MLS (which I have to believe can only help the league) and puts MLS on a world stage. Love seeing all the fans here in Philadelphia and across the nation in San Diego, Seattle, Washington D.C, and Chicago  turning out in big numbers for these games.

Ronaldo is an amazing talent. You can see that he is just better than so many others out on the field, and makes it look easy getting in position to score. That’s him in white (center of photo) below.

The trip featured soccer matches in Philly and at PPL Park in nearby Chester, Pa., plus a Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park. Read some of my impressions of that here.  Yesterday before the soccer match, the guy who delivered my lunch said he didn’t care much for Union regular-season matches, but that he really wanted to see Real Madrid and hoped it was on TV. Seems like another potential MLS convert via these games.

Action from Phila. Union vs. Real Madrid

Phillies v. Padres, ballpark at night

Action from PPL Park, Union vs. Everton

Just realized the other day that there are TWO pro athletes named Carlos Ruiz here. The Phillies catcher and the Union striker. Both Central American.

It was far too humid, but Philly was a fairly good time. So long, City of Brotherly Love.




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