Win this thing, USA!

17 07 2011

You know what one of the great things about being a soccer fan/advocate of the game is?

People like me (and maybe you) were watching soccer and caring about it long before all these writers and commentators jumped on the U.S. women’s national team bandwagon and started telling Americans how cool it is that “these ladies are doing so many wonderful things for our country” and representing us well and talking about how good-looking Hope Solo is and how clutch Abby Wambach is, etc.


It’s not like I  follow the U.S. women on a regular basis. But I follow soccer, and what many of these people who have weighed in on the Women’s World Cup don’t have is that perspective. So while I’m happy the USWNT is getting a lot of love and attention in our country – deservedly so — I have to shake my head when I hear or see pundits who never cared about soccer (men’s or women’s) until this past week try to explain what this means to Americans and our sporting culture or make jokes or comments about the players’ looks.

Just show some respect even if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

End rant.

Having said all of this, thanks ESPN for showing all the matches of the Women’s World Cup. Thanks for Monica Gonzalez and Ian Darke and Julie Foudy and all the personnel and different voices/perspectives the network sent to Germany for the competition.

The teams at the World Cup were quality and no one seemed to not belong. The games have been hard-fought and well-played.

Of course I want to see the U.S. win it all, but I have no doubt the team has inspired youngsters everywhere already. Here’s some proof of that courtesy of my friend Jesus Ortiz, who covers the Houston Dynamo and soccer.  And proper respect to Japan. What a run it has made and no doubt, a win for that country today would be great for the morale of the nation after so much tragedy.




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