Five days in Pasadena and L.A.

22 06 2011

I spent the better part of last week in California to be there for a big day for my family, and it was great. Saw plenty of relatives, went go-karting and took in a Dodger game. Let’s start there.

My favorite baseball team has won its last three games, but last Wednesday, they were in the midst of a losing streak in which they were playing some really uninspired and sorry baseball. Still, I got to see a game. I see one every year pretty much.

The Dodgers in Brooklyn throwback uniforms. Here's the pitch...

Matt Kemp of LA about to hit a double against the Cincinnati Reds.

Kemp and Andre Ethier in the outfield. Dodgers lost 7-2. It was ugly.

Bummed out as Dodgers get creamed on a beautiful day for baseball.

In my go-kart ready to hit the track.

With my new brother-in-law introducing Australian and British friends to a SoCal institution, Tommy Burgers.

I fear I introduced those from out of country to American over-indulgence. One day we had California burritos from Tops, then Tommy’s. It’s one of those things where L.A. is so full of great places to eat and a lot of it isn’t good for you, but that’s OK right? Once in a while?

Cooking chicken on the grill with cousin Bob Paredes. Cousin Maggie took the pic.













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