Noche de Boxeo Profesional en Arizona

12 06 2011

I have always liked boxing. It takes precision, talent, skill. It is a sport of passion and interaction with fans. It is part of my Mexican heritage, as Mexicans and Mexican Americans — Latinos period —  have a grand tradition in the sport.

Saturday night my wife and I went to Wildhorse Pass Casino in nearby Chandler to see a young man I wrote about earlier this month, Jose Benavidez Jr. When I interviewed him, he struck me as pretty polished and well-spoken for being only 19. He also seemed hungry (for a title) and humbled by the support of his family, friends, fans and management team.

There were five other bouts on the card, and having not been to more than a couple of fight nights, this one was pretty good. It had elements of a Vegas-style event — passionate fans, round card girls, loud (and) good music, grand entrances and most important, quality fights with some good young talent coming up in the game.

Benavidez won his fight, despite having two injured hands. Good to see so much support for a local kid from Phoenix who has a bright future.

Here are some photos video from last night at the casino…

Alexis "Beaver" Santiago (left) vs. Carlos LuQue. Beaver got a unanimous decision.

Oscar Meza (right) vs. Kelly Wright, co-main event.

Benavidez ready to rumble.

Certifying the win….

Looking forward to the next big show here in town. I hope to be there.






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