Postcard from London: Quick bus tour

21 05 2011

The day (May 8 ) began with a bus tour of some of the major sites. We didn’t stop more than twice, but the first stop was at Royal Albert Hall and the Kensington Gardens.

The Royal Albert Hall probably looks as good on the inside as it does from outside. It hosts events even today.

Across the street from the hall is Kensington Gardens, where there are memorials to the late Princess Diana everywhere. There is also a huge monument dedicated to Prince Albert. It looks nice but probably a little too much to honor one person of not even kingly status.

That’s Notting Hill. Cruised through it, no Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts though.

We passed places we would return to later like 10 Downing Street and Trafalgar Square, so I’ll show those photos another time. Before the Changing of the Guard, we stopped at Westminster Abbey for some exterior shots.

Stephanie was thrilled to be here so we knew we’d have to come back. After all, the Royal Couple were wed here.

Wearing my Oregon Duck colors abroad!




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