Postcard from London: Picadilly Circus

19 05 2011

So we were told that this Times Square-like neon-lit section of London got its name, perhaps, because the “gentlemen” of town, when they grew tired of what they were doing at the various mens-only clubs closer to Parliament and Buckingham Palace, would head down to this area to pick a dilly. “Dilly,” being another word for a prostitute.

Whether that is true hardly matters. Picadilly Circus was alive with young people on Saturday night, May 6, when we headed over there to get some dinner the same day we’d arrived from the U.S.

It was late, but we were wide awake with the time difference. We were looking for another place in our guide book but couldn’t find it, and just kept wandering around. Down one bustling street/alley, we found an Asian noodle house called Wok To Walk and damn, those noodles were yummy.

After the great meal — maybe the best we had in Europe — we headed back toward the train station, but it was too late to catch a subway back to our hotel and we found a souvenir shop that was still open. I know I bought at least half of the stuff I brought back with me at this place, where the employees from India were only too glad to chat us up about the U.S. We passed a statue of Eros while walking along.

London is full of these little phone booths wherever you go. You just don’t see these in the U.S. anymore, plus ours were made of glass for the most part and didn’t look half as sturdy as these in London.

Knowing there was no other way to get back except via taxi — plus it was raining — I opted for the pedicab. This guy riding the bike, I don’t know how he managed in the rain, but it was all good.

Up next… touring the city by motorcoach.




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