Photos/video from Saturday night’s DJ Quik show

3 05 2011

It has been a busy week getting ready to go out of town, out of country actually, and so I am just getting around to this from last weekend.

All I can say is, what a show. DJ Quik has been my favorite rapper since I bought “Quik is the Name” back in 1990, and I have every one of his albums (CDs). The most recent one, The Book of David, I got off of Itunes. Sign of the times, right?

He autographed the poster for me.

My favorite Quik album is “Rhythm-a-lism.” But really they are all good. The latest one kind of goes back to the old beats and style he was known for.

Obviously I wish he would have performed for longer than an hour or so, but this was the one show I wanted to see most. And finally, now closer to hitting the 40s, I got to. See if you recognize this one (explicit lyrics!) I was center stage only a few feet away when I tool it, maybe too congested in there but the angle was awesome.

There was a group of young cats called “Kurrency Motivated” that was one of the opening acts. I liked them. No doubt most in the crowd were younger than I, but at least I got to see hip-hop the way I like it!
Photos below…

My wife took this one of Quik signing autograph for me.

Kurrency Motivated

The one above is KK from Second II None with Quik. Who remembers this? It’s about 10-11 years old I think.




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30 12 2011
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