Timbers game videos, and a thought on Mexico-Ecuador in May

28 04 2011

I’ve taken a few videos in the past couple of weeks that I never got around to putting on YouTube til last night, so here they are. The first two are from the Portland Timbers’ first home game on April 14.  Enjoy…

The beginning of the match…

…and the end of it. It really felt like I was back in Italy for that Serie A match I saw last year. The Portland fans were right up there with the Palermo fans from that game.

Also this one, from the Coyotes-Red Wings Game 3 of the playoffs on April 18.

Back to soccer, I feel bad for Real Salt Lake. No doubt they gave it everything they had but it just didn’t go their way in that CCL final last night. MLS will win the whole thing, and soon.

The Seattle Sounders announced that more than 40,000 tickets have been sold for the Mexico-Ecuador friendly on May 28 at Qwest Field. Should that surprise anyone? It is Mexico. That team is a big draw anywhere they go in the U.S.  I was there when they played China in Seattle and that crowd was bigger than for the Brazil-Canada match also held at Qwest that spring of 2008.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that crowd is up over 50,000. The atmosphere at the last Mexico match in Seattle was fantastic. The “futbol fiesta” outside the stadium was a big hit and even though it was a late arriving crowd, the only complaint I heard after covering the match was regarding the traffic flow heading toward and away from the stadium.

Plus there is a wide area to draw from as far as selling tickets. There will be a ton of people from Oregon and the other side of the mountains in Washington at that match.




One response

28 04 2011

I’m looking forward to the Mexico-Ecuador match, too. I think I’d better get my ticket ASAP.
I, too, attended the Mexico-China match and agree that the atmosphere was great in and around Qwest.

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