Arizona State spring football game 2011

24 04 2011

When I think of college football spring games, I think of the days when Oregon would play at a high school in Southern Oregon or up in Portland so that other parts of the state could see the Ducks. That was as recent as the mid-1990s, now I suspect the crowds will be much bigger since the team is one of the nation’s best.

I also think of college football traditional powers like Florida State and Nebraska and Michigan and Ohio State and Alabama and Texas and the huge crowds for their annual spring games.

Arizona State is trying to get there, and besides, this area isn’t known for big crowds for its sports teams in college football and baseball. That said, the Devils drew an estimated 6,400 on a sunny Saturday morning with temperatures in the 80s. Pretty good weather for these parts, especially since it’s about to get REALLY hot.

The crowd estimate might have been the largest in 28 years for ASU. Admission was free to Sun Devil Stadium. See photos below.

The new ASU helmet (one of them) on display.

Pregame huddle

QB Brock Osweiler (No. 17) played well.

Osweiler and No. 8 WR Gerell Robinson connected on four passes.




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