Quien le gusta a hockey?

19 04 2011

I can’t say I’m a devoted fan of the sport of ice hockey, but I would venture to guess that I show more interest in it than the average Latino.

As much as I can remember, the only person of Latino descent who has at least a passing interest (if not more) that I know is Adam Serrano, who has one on me because he went to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Anyway, last night I saw my first NHL playoff game, Game 3 of the first round between the host Phoenix Coyotes and the visiting Detroit Red Wings. Detroit won 4-2 and have commanding 3-0 series lead with Game 4 on Wednesday here in Arizona. You can read my game recap for SB Nation Arizona here, and also see the entries I posted after the first two periods.

I tried to get into hockey more in years gone by. I used to dig the Los Angeles Kings because the L.A. rappers wore Kings hats and the colors were silver and black and Wayne Gretzky used to play there and they were the cool team in the early 90s.

But that was only an image thing. When living in Seattle I somewhat kept up with the Vancouver Canucks, and it made more sense to follow them since Vancouver was the closest city with an NHL team near where I lived.

I never made it up to Vancouver for a game, I regret that a little. I have seen NHL games live in Nashville (Predators), Toronto (Maple Leafs) and St. Louis (Blues).

Last night was quite a scene. The bass from the sound system at Jobing.com Arena would make any stereo enthusiast proud. It thumps.


Fans entering the arena

White Out time. Everyone got white T-shirts. Owwoooo!!!

Corner view of ice

More central view of ice

Just before faceoff

The Wings win. 17,130 in attendance.




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