Something old yet something new

17 04 2011

Now that I am only able to afford no more than four trips back to Oregon per year at this point, it seems every time I return to my hometown there is something new to see and experience.

Let’s start with the new from my trip to the Portland area, which ends Sunday afternoon.

The "new" home of the Portland Timbers. I was there for Home Game No. 1.

Real nice to see my cousin, also named Jose, at the Timbers game and I’m proud of him doing so well with his career.

I moved out of town in 1998 and after I left, the city’s most famous doughnut shop came into existence. I went with my wife there on Friday. This is Voodoo Doughnuts and it was a day away from a remodel so we got our donuts just in time.

I also saw this famous slogan actually not on a bumper sticker.

There’s a new sports bar/bowling alley by my parents’ home in Tigard, called Big Al’s. Note to self: Go there one day.

And last but not least in the new category, I have been to the Portland Art Museum before but not the screening auditorium. It was there on Saturday¬†that I saw a very gripping film about the Holocaust from the French Jews’ perspective, “Sarah’s Key,”

The old was the familiar. My parents took me to a place we always used to go for the best pizza in our part of town, Giovanni’s in downtown Beaverton. Tell me this doesn’t look good.

Also got hooked up with passes to the Nike Employee store. Spent a lot of money on nice stuff. It had been maybe 2.5 to 3 years since I last went there.

Finally, my godson Joseph isn’t old — he’s 15 — but he’s someone I know is always around whenever I come home. I’m very proud of him. Great grades, good character, and he plays three sports, and potentially more. J-Ro got a varsity letter in football and a state championship ring because his school team, Aloha High, won a state title last fall. He’s also playing varsity baseball as a freshman and I got to see him play Saturday.

No. 10 Joseph D. Romero, catcher

It rained more than half the time we were here. But I always wish I could stay longer.




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