Celebrating blogs – and the first year of my own

7 04 2011

A year ago, with thoughts of the Pacific Northwest and the soccer scene and just home and my journalism career heavy on my mind less than two months after moving to Phoenix, I started this blog.

It’s been a place to share photos and experiences from my travels in Europe and Australia and other places, and from the various sports events and other things I’ve been to.

Here you saw (or might have seen) posts from the MLS Cup in Toronto, a rugby match in Sydney, a Serie A soccer match in Siena, Italy; the BCS national championship game and various NBA, college and baseball and MLS spring training coverage.

You’ve all seen little bits and pieces of Year One of my marriage, from the wedding day a year ago this month to my expressions of outrage and incredulity at the backwards and racist politics of the state of Arizona and the controversial SB 1070 law to my various freelance assignments and little moments in life.

You’ve gotten to know what I’m about, the music I prefer, and you were there, one year ago yesterday, when I joined the team at Soccer by Ives, the back-to-back No. 1 soccer site in North America.

So this is to say thanks to those who’ve been avid followers and even occasional readers of this site. I’ll keep it going as best I can, count on that.

But I can’t just celebrate me. I’ll take this opportunity to plug some friends’ blogs.

Of course you can find my friends’ and former co-workers’ blogs at the Seattle Times. Danny O’Neil, Jerry Brewer, Geoff Baker, Bob Condotta, Josh Mayers, Mason Kelley, Percy Allen, Jayda Evans, Larry Stone and fishing with Mark Yuasa.

Don Ruiz, Dave Clark, Steve Clare and David Falk do nice work on their soccer blogs. I like to read Ryan Divish, Greg Johns and Eric Williams with their Mariners and Seahawks stuff.

My brother-in-law Gabriel Sanchez is into low riders and graphic and T-shirt design and he’s getting started in the blogosphere.

My former co-worker in Seattle, Kale Kim, writes about life. It’s just a good read and she’s cool.

One of my favorites: NAHJ current and future star Amanda Rivas. Keeping it real and humorous.

Paul Coro is a Phoenix guy I’ve come to know a little bit and he covers the Phoenix Suns. He’s my go-to source for Suns news period.

Facebook has helped me learn a lot more about friends from the past, stuff I didn’t know back then. So whenever I read Yvonne Duran’s blog, I learn something new. She runs. And runs. And runs. And it seems like a lot of it is for a good cause.

And last but not least, another journalist with a bright future, my friend Paula Machado. She’s just energetic, that’s all I can say.





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7 04 2011

A daily stop my friend. Hope you’re well.

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