(Live) Music Monday

4 04 2011

I can’t recall the last time I ever waited in line for tickets to a concert or show, at least not a line more than a couple of people deep.

Today at the U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix I waited a solid 20 minutes to buy four tickets to Sade with John Legend. I can’t call myself a super fan of either but I’m told Sade puts on great show. It’s Sept. 2… man it will be hot that day for sure.

In honor of my major ticket purchase of today, here’s what qualifies as my favorite song by Sade.

That show is five months away. In less then four weeks I’m going to see my favorite rap artist of all-time, DJ Quik. Too many favorite Quik tracks to pick a No. 1, so I’ll go with “Jus’ Like Compton” from 91-92. Quik does it right with the funk, live instruments, talkbox, lyrics. I got into him in 1990 and have every CD of his. Had to keep it West Coast!

I mentioned that John Legend is touring with Sade. Well, I don’t have a favorite Legend song yet but I do have a favorite live performance of his. It’s from the weekend of the Obama inauguration in D.C. Classic song made better by Legend’s vocals.




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