A time to celebrate and exhale, and watch Felix pitch

30 03 2011

The end of spring training is a time to celebrate and rest.

While I had fun and saw a lot of friends come through Arizona, I couldn’t be happier that its over and the teams have all gone their separate ways to begin their seasons.

San Francisco, the defending World Series champion, looked good in pretty much every game I saw them play. They are loaded with good pitching and a solid lineup.

Seattle looks like it will struggle this year. Too many question marks in the bullpen and the starting rotation could fall apart after Felix Hernandez. The Mariners are going to play hard but I’d be really surprised if they are contenders.

Colorado looks like a solid team. Didn’t like what I saw from the Dodgers, and the Oakland A’s will be fun to watch because no one expects them to do much but they have a lot of players out to disprove the doubters.

Opening Day is tomorrow, today was celebration day.

OK it’s photo time again, as I transition into more soccer writing, traveling and less of the daily grind.

The Diamondbacks' mascot races Tuesday night at Chase Field.

Took my wife to dinner tonight, I haven't been able to spend much time with her of late.




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