Scenes from New York Red Bulls-Atlas match

9 03 2011

Thierry "Titi" Henry lines up for national anthems. Played well Tuesday.

Strange night at the Red Bulls-Atlas match at the Univ. of Phoenix Stadium last night in Glendale AZ. Looked like the crowd would be small, then suddenly the lower bowl began to fill and by halftime, more than 23,000 people were in the crowd.

They saw a couple of stars and a couple of goals. Most were there to cheer on Atlas from Mexico.

The whole media situation was a mess. I get the whole mixed zone thing but when you don’t make the Red Bulls coach available for postgame, that’s just unprofessional. Not trying to get my relationship with the Red Bulls off to a bad start but c’mon guys, your people at the stadium lacked professionalism.  It was only when I got someone’s attention after waiting 35 minutes did I manage to talk to two players and eventually Thierry Henry. I almost got kicked out of the mixed zone for protesting with security to let me at least in the door of the locker room to inquire about coach and players.

Enough about that… let’s go to the pics.

Players from both teams line up for anthems…

Below – 1.Rafa Marquez with media.

2. Atlas F Edgar Pacheco, who scored their only goal.

3. Carlos Costly from Honduras, a player I’ve followed who plays for Atlas.

4. Thierry Henry up close.





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