Soccer, soccer, all day soccer

5 02 2011

The morning began with the Sporting Kansas City-Columbus Crew training game. See my recap here:

Then it was over to Field 4 at the Reach 11 complex for a high-school playoff soccer match between the boys from the barrio, Carl Hayden, against Chaparral of Scottsdale. A pretty big disparity in average income. I point these things out because I overheard a Chaparral player mutter a racial epithet after he was called for a hard foul on the Hayden keeper. The collision knocked the keeper out of the game. The kid from Chaparral was out of line and only when he realized he’d really hurt the keeper did he go out to him and apologize.

Lastly, a story on the Sounders’ Jhon Kennedy Hurtado coming back from a serious knee injury.

Tomorrow, the Super Bowl….





2 responses

6 02 2011

Glad to see you’re covering a bit of soccer and super glad to be reading it once again, just as I did for years scanning the back pages of the Times for every bit of soccer news. Didn’t know you had blog!

6 02 2011

PS Needs more Sounders coverage…

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