It’s (MLS) futbol season in Arizona

27 01 2011

Today I made my first daytime visit to Grande Sports World in Casa Grande. It’s a long drive (hour at least) from where I live but the facilities are pretty solid.

Real Salt Lake is here first. I talked to some players and coach Jason Kreis and Fox Soccer Channel’s Brian Dunseth. He had some nice things to say about my work as a soccer writer.

Also met RSL GM Garth Lagerwey. Just a good bunch of guys, that Salt Lake team.

Beginning this weekend, more teams are headed out this way for training. It’s 70-plus degrees in the daytime and not a cloud in the sky, can’t blame them. Vancouver, Seattle and Columbus will be in the area by Monday.

Here’s my camp preview for Columbus, you can find others I write on Soccer by Ives.

To get to Grande Sports World I had to drive through Chandler. I stopped off to get lunch on my way home and found these spots. If you know your TV sitcom history, you’ll recognize this place…

And then there was this place, which I understand is popular with guys. A sign out front said it was hiring “nurses.”





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