A day in Eugene

17 01 2011

This weekend I was in Oregon with the family. The plan had been to buy some BCS champion merchandise, but Oregon didn’t win. So at the U of O Bookstore on Saturday, everything BCS-related was on clearance.

On Saturday, we took a somewhat spur-of-the-moment trip south to Eugene to see a basketball game at the new Matthew Knight Arena. The Ducks lost, but what a facility. Back in the day I lived in the dorms that are now right next to the 12,500-seat arena.

Enjoy this video of the starting lineup montage and intros.

The arena is so full of cool stuff. And we all enjoyed the video of “Shout” by Otis Day and the Knights from the movie “Animal House.” Everything they do at the games has to do with the U of O experience and Duck tradition.

After the game it was across the street for some Track Town Pizza. We actually got a table! So delicious, just like I remember it in college days.

Things have changed and not changed on and around campus. I last went back in 2009 for a football game with my dad and before that, 2008 with my wife-t0-be. The arena dominates the east campus area. The bookstore is in the same place, but there are a quite a few newer buildings.

It’s always great to go back.




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