Fotos y videos

20 12 2010

The holidays are here. I’m going to get pretty busy over the next three weeks. So why not take this opportunity to go visual?

Soccer fans BTW: Hoping to be at that Portland Timbers MLS opener on April 14. Just putting it out there.

Alright, photo time. Fog in Arizona. Seriously. Thick.

Strolled over to the Tempe Marketplace today, saw a giant Xmas tree.

Check out this fight between two Mexican winter league baseball teams. This just got ugly fast, and then out of hand. Fans were throwing stuff. And a lively little musical number was playing in the background. Thanks to Jaime Cardenas, who shared this originally.

And here’s one I shot when I was in Canada last month and I went to a Maple Leafs hockey game.




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