One of life’s small victories

17 12 2010

Humility is a very good thing.  But once in a while, it’s OK to congratulate yourself.

Today, the soccer blog I am a regular contributor to, Soccer by Ives, was named the best such blog in the U.S. by U.S. Soccer, which released its Best of 2010 awards as voted on by fans.

I’m just a part of the team that Ives Galarcep has put together, and I’m the new guy. Ives took me on in early April when I was looking for a way to keep writing about the sport. That was after the fantastic experience I had covering the Seattle Sounders in late 2008 and all of 2009, and into early 2010.

The first story I ever submitted to Ives was turned down. I was told it didn’t fit the site. But over time I found a niche writing about the pro game in the area I’m from, the Pacific Northwest. It’s been a lot of fun following the last days of the lower-division Portland and Vancouver franchises, and exciting watching the two new MLS teams build their rosters for competition in just a few months.

Ives and his crew are good guys. I was happy to meet a lot of them in Toronto when I went there for the MLS Cup. It was a bit humbling going from a major newspaper with a higher profile to relative obscurity, but through it all, I’ve had a place to write about soccer regularly. And I’m grateful for it.

This is also to thank everyone who has followed my journey from the Northwest to Arizona, be it through this blog or Facebook or Twitter. I’m still gonna be me! Thanks to all those who voted for SBI as best blog, believe me there are so many great sites out there with some talented and savvy writers.

Here’s my latest SBI story, on Seattle’s Kasey Keller signing for one final year with the Sounders.




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