Christmastime in the Valley of the Sun

14 12 2010

I’ve been here before around this time of year but never so close to Christmas. So these high-70s temperatures are a bit strange. Very nice, but different than what I’m used to.

The countdown to the three bowl games in the Phoenix area is on, and I’m hoping to attend at least two of them if not all three. I’ll keep you posted. We got the Insight, Fiesta and BCS national championship.

Went to the post office today and the line was long, but it got longer after I was already in it. And I actually did do some freelance work today.

Saw a small real Christmas tree outside a store today and wish I would have gotten a real one. I miss that pine scent I knew as a kid in Oregon. Oh well, at least I have a tree.

Almost all of my ornaments are sports-related. Charlotte Hornets (yup Charlotte), Seahawks, Super Bowl XLII, Dodgers candy canes and about four different Oregon Ducks decorations.

Speaking of the Ducks, how about those new uniforms for the BCS championship game? They’ll do. Hope they win in those. That yellow is bright but looking good counts, right? Auburn’s are just so blah.

Got one of these.

Because you know I gotta represent. If you see me in Scottsdale the week before the game I might be wearing it.

OK let’s wrap this up with a trip back in time to when music was better. For all the poppers and break dancers from back in the day – man I remember how amazed I was when I heard this music and saw backspins and all that — this one’s for you.




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14 12 2010
The Wife

Nice shirt. Thank you, Wife.

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