The Portland Timbers’ new kits

9 12 2010

Love ’em.

The green one is nice. The red one, however, is even better. It’s a source of pride for any Portlander.

(photo courtesy of Randy L. Rassmussen)

Oregon is synonymous with green. There is green everywhere. Portland is synonymous with red. The Rose City, The Rose Garden (building and actual test garden), Royal Rosarians, Rose Festival, the Trail Blazers, etc.  The colors are right.

The red jersey is an ode to the city. Which makes it great, and if you are from the city like I am, then you know. If you’re not, maybe it isn’t for you. But my soccer jersey collection is in need of some red, and I’ve found the perfect addition.

When you break it all down, it’s all about the marketing right? Of course the Timbers weren’t going to go the conventional route. The Seattle Sounders didn’t, now their kit is one of the most recognizable brands in the country, even the world I dare say.

The Northwest, and yes I’m biased, is home to the best soccer jerseys in North America. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Love the Vancouver Whitecaps’ blue. Dig the Sounders’ new shale shade, even if its just a fourth option.

I guess I better start putting aside some money. The Portland red and Vancouver blue are the ones I gotta have.





2 responses

9 12 2010

FYI. The shale kit replaces the blue. Not a fourth kit.

9 12 2010

Gosh I hope not Jeff, but if so, then my blue Sounders jersey is going to be a collectors item!

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