What a week!

4 12 2010

Actually, what a last couple of days.

Thursday started with the World Cup announcement. I guess I should be happy for Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. And I believe the U.S. will get the tournament before my life is over one more time. But I feel bad for England, Australia and of course, my country.

Corruption, bribes, whatever is being alleged. What are you gonna do. Life is life. And speaking of life, let’s hear from K-Ci and Jojo about it. Two dudes who can sing for real. Jodeci!

Can I just say that I cannot watch steer wrestling? It always looks like the cowboy is going to snap the poor little steer’s neck when he grabs him by the horns and pins him down. I’m not Mr. PETA or anything but that sport is just animal cruelty.

OK so back to Thursday. LeBron went back to Cleveland and I liked seeing the fans and their reaction. But if I was a Cavs fan I’d be thoroughly embarrassed by the effort from my team that night. You gotta send a message to LeBron. You have to foul him hard when he goes to the basket, win or lose. You have to have some pride.

The NFL game was good, the Arizona-Arizona State game was a thriller and my Duck mens basketball team got a moral victory at home against Missouri. Great to hear Calabro and Marques Johnson on the broadcast, too.

On Friday I went to the  Reach 11 soccer complex in north Phoenix to see the US U-17 national team play Brazil. These are high-school kids playing for their country and I was impressed. They play together as a team, are well-coached and work hard. The future of American soccer is in good hands. I hope to see these kids in the World Cup someday.

Which brings me to Saturday. BIG game. Oregon-Oregon State. The Ducks will play for the BCS national championship right here maybe 35-40 minutes from where I live if they beat the Beavers. It can happen. It must happen. They’re so close…as Duck fans we are conditioned to coming up short. Not now. Not this year. It’s our time.

So with that in mind, the first ornament on the Romero family Christmas tree was….




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