Back in the day…

30 11 2010

…I used to listen to this one by Compton’s Most Wanted ALL THE TIME. These guys were like a poor man’s NWA (they probably wouldn’t appreciate that).

I would argue that some of their backbeats were even better than NWA’s. I mean, using Sugar Free in the background for this track, “It’s a Compton Thang”? Genius move. If you turned up the bass for this one, it came through real nice on good speakers.

Listen for the similarities between above and the sampled song. For me, hip-hop was a way to find out more about older music and R&B.

CMW’s MC Eiht appeared in movies not long after he made a few albums. (“Who got the snaps on the petrol?” was one of his lines from  “Menace II Society”). Don’t know what became of Chill. Anyway, good memories with this tape/CD. I remember the tape was blue in color.

Compton produced some talent. CMW, D.J. Quik, some NWA guys, man, I remember when I went there and it was like I was in awe to be at the Compton Swap Meet that I’d heard about in raps.

Old-school baby!





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