MLS Cup 2010: Great game, time to go home

22 11 2010

I was up into the wee hours earlier this morning and now it’s time to say goodbye to Toronto.

Colorado beat FC Dallas 2-1 and I watched it live from a coooolllld “auxiliary” press box at BMO Field. Good thing I kept a lot of my winter stuff from Seattle days. Needed it last night.

The game was pretty entertaining. The crowd was as into it as could be given that the two teams were from middle America. If I said it once I said it a thousand times, this is a great city. I write that as my bus rolls along Lake Ontario.

There had to be a winner even though the game went into overtime periods.

I played a little futbol myself Sunday morning. The annual Media Cup took place in a stadium covered by a bubble, like the Seahawks’ old practice facility. I played on Team Black and it was me, Adam Serrano, Avi Creditor, Jen Chang from ESPN, Kyle Martino from FSC I think, Rahul and Gord. I played in two games (had to leave early for work), took three shots on goal, two were good but were saved and should have had a couple of assists. All in all good fun.

Got to the MLS Cup around 7:30 p.m EST. Game didn’t start until almost 9 EST. Pretty late, that’s 7 where I live.

The soccer fanfest outside BMO Field was hoppin’.

OK that’s it. Time to hit the road and return to life. Another trip coming in three days, to my hometown for Thanksgiving.




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