MLS Cup post No. 3: On top of the CN Tower

20 11 2010

After riding a streetcar, writing three stories, eating chicken Mcnuggets, picking up some more swag (glasses and mittens) and walking in the cold, I attended the MLS Cup Media Happy Hour on top of the famous CN Tower in Toronto earlier tonight.

Work was long. Ives want us to cover the crap out of this thing, so we are. I wrote about Heath Pearce and George John (Shoreline WA’s very own) and have another story out tomorrow.

Hard at work...

Back to the CN Tower.

Been there before, but in the daytime. Spectacular views no matter when you’re up there. Good appetizers (veggie spring rolls, beef satays, bruschetta), my friend Avi won a suit in the raffle, free soda, some good conversation and a travel coffee container gift from Continental Tire.  I talked to a guy from Spain who told me about two “other” soccer clubs in Spain, Espanyol of Barcelona and Getafe outside of Madrid.

Toronto from the air

Now back in the hotel room to get a little rest for the Media Cup soccer games tomorrow a.m. Should be a good time. I played last year and had fun. Did I mention that Subway is $11.29 Canadian dollars for a footlong turkey breast, drink and chips? Less than $8 in Phoenix. Weak! Good night.




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