MLS Cup Weekend (No. 2)

19 11 2010

Last night was great. I went to the Toronto Maple Leafs game. Four goals scored, good crowd, didn’t kill my budget.

Rooming with Adam Serrano, a good young soccer writer who is a regular contributor to Soccer by Ives. Latinos unidos, tu sabes.

Today, the two teams in the championship, Colorado and FC Dallas, had practices at BMO Field. I was there for FC Dallas. More stories to come, here’s the first, on FCD captain Daniel Hernandez. It’s pretty cold here but not freezing, not until night time. The weather was pretty nice actually. Sunny.

It’s been good to see a lot of folks, including Sounders FC technical director Chris Henderson. I like Chris, he’s really good at his job and a good guy. It also felt comforting to contribute to an actual news/story ideas meeting again, even if it was at a place called Jack Astor’s late last night. Decent media swag, too. A nice adidas blanket.

Today the USA World Cup bid leaders had a media luncheon. Good food. Sportswriters line up for free food!

US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati spoke.

Still lots more in the next couple of days.




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