Back in the Day – The Chicano Oldies edition

8 11 2010

I can’t really explain how I got into all those Lowrider soundtracks, EastSide Story CDs, soul jams, etc.

I think that as youngster growing up in the Portland area, I wasn’t surrounded by a lot of Chicano culture unless I left the immediate area. One thing I did know was that my dad’s younger brothers were into the oldies, and we’d put on Huggy Boy on the radio as soon as we could pick him up once we drove over the Grapevine on the way to Moorpark.

So I learned to appreciate the Latin oldies, and my love for them just grew. I saw War live in concert, listened to Chicano rap for the back beats and samples so I could go out and find the music, and bought a couple of Art LaBoe CDs. And every time I visit L.A., it’s straight to the old-school station on the radio.

Then a few years ago I went to a Latino influence on American music exhibit at Seattle’s Experience Music Project museum. That’s when I heard this:

Now I live in the 602. Surrounded by mi gente that likes this stuff like I do, including the father-in-law.

They have a station devoted to old-school, and on Sunday mornings, an underground oldies show, where I heard this.

One of the more obscure ones. Got one more for you. One of my all-time favorites. Listen and remember, or listen and hear real music. They don’t make ’em like this any more que no?




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