Football weekend in the Valley

30 10 2010

It started with high school football Friday, Phoenix Greenway vs. Glendale Cactus. The two schools aren’t bitter rivals though located only 2.5 miles apart.

Saw this sign, pretty appropriate for Halloween, I suppose. Greenway HS is known as the Demons.

It was Senior Night for Greenway’s seniors, an emotional night for sure. Love the tradition of getting parents/families involved. Always feel bad for the injured kids who can’t play their last high-school regular-season home games.

Today I am sacrificing watching my Oregon Ducks in exchange for the almighty payday, helping out AP with the Arizona State-Washington State game in Tempe. It’s a warm late afternoon for football, so hard to get used to 83 degrees on Oct. 30 after years of maybe 53 at best on the same day in the Northwest. But the sun feels good.

Tomorrow, off to the Arizona Cardinals NFL game vs. Tampa Bay to watch Josh Freeman and LeGarrette Blount try to roll over the Cardinals. Should be a decent game.

World Series? No time for it.





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