Rip City time, and celebrating 1989 with Troop

26 10 2010

Happy NBA Opening Night, let’s see how my hometown does against my current city, Portland vs. Phoenix tonight.

Of course I have to go with the Blazers on this one. The Blazers don’t have depth in the post, but they won’t need it against the Suns, who have Robin Lopez and Channing Frye there. Frye isn’t a back-to-the basket player, he’ll settle for the long distance shot, and Lopez is a banger who has yet to develop consistency.

Nic Batum will be all over the court for the Blazers and Brandon Roy is healthy, plus I think LaMarcus Aldridge might show some post moves. Too many questions for the Suns. The Blazers must get out on their shooters and then let Andre Miller and Roy either create or feed Aldridge.

The biggest thing for the Blazers is to stay away from major injuries and hang around until they get reinforcements in the middle with Joel Przybilla and Greg Oden.

With that, let’s celebrate a good year for music by going back in the day to 1989, when I first got into Troop. My sisters and I saw them on Arsenio and we were hooked. Enjoy.




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