Enjoying a fall day in the Fall League

22 10 2010

Today I’m spending the afternoon watching an Arizona Fall League baseball game at Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

Perfect day for outdoor baseball, mostly cloudy, faint sunlight, temperature no more than about 73-74.

This is a league for some of the best young major-league prospects in the game. The media guide cover features some ballplayers who made big splashes this year: Jason Heyward from Atlanta, Buster Posey from San Francisco, and Stephen Strasburg from Washington. All are AFL alumni, class of 2009.

(I think I just heard a vuvuzela!)

I’m watching pitcher Brian Broderick with some interest, that’s him pitching in the photo below. He knows people I know, and some of those folks are here at the park cheering him on. Broderick is a St. Louis Cardinals prospect, big, lanky (6-6, 205) righthander and a local guy. Maybe 2011 is the year the 24-year-old gets the call up to the show. The fact that he’s here means the Cards must think highly of him.

UPDATE: Broderick gave up two runs on four hits in five innings and broke two bats. He’s got filthy stuff, just needs to work on location more. Just my observation.

There are six teams in the league, I’m watching the Phoenix Desert Dogs (whose hat logo looks sort of like the original NHL Phoenix Coyotes logo) and Broderick’s Surprise Rafters.

There are maybe 300-400 people in the crowd, not including the players, coaches and four umpires, but you can hear every conversation. It’s actually kind of nice.




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