Back in the Day (El Dia de La Raza edition)

12 10 2010

Today we celebrate El Dia de La Raza, the day of the race.

But “raza” has a deeper meaning: It is the Latino people, a tribute to the history and culture of the original people of Latin America, pre-Columbus, and all of those after the “discovery” of the Americas who feel a connection to their mestizo and indigenous roots.

What better way to honor the day then with this one from 1990? Man I remember how fired up I was to finally see a Chicano rapper on MTV. Frost was one of the originals, and he set the standard.

Frost kept making records and he made a lot of good ones. He was that first guy to really express his pride in being Chicano, and that meant a lot to a young guy like me at the time. Still does.

Here’s Kid Frost, now known as Frost but always known as Arturo Molina, Jr., with a tribute to Chicanismo. Fittingly, he samples the song “Viva Tirado” from El Chicano, an L.A.-based band I love, for this track.




One response

12 10 2010

TITI, I remember! We are getting old! 🙂 These rappers were on the cusp of Reggaeton in a lot of ways…evolution of nuestra musica is amazing..

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