A story behind a story

11 10 2010

On Saturday I covered a big cross country meet for the Arizona Republic. The first one I’d been to since junior high, I think.

It’s not the work I wish I was doing, but it is work, and I’ll take it. Plus, there are ALWAYS some great stories in prep sports. Here’s one from Saturday’s Doug Conley Invitational in Tempe.

The boys team from Alhambra High School in Phoenix is entirely Mexican and Mexican American, and from a lower economic background. So the coach of the Lions was only happy to tell me that Brophy Prep, a private school just a few miles away from Alhambra, put up the $200 meet entry fee to allow the kids from Alhambra to run.

As it turns out, Alhambra won the boys title. Brophy was third. Apparently the parents of the Brophy runners were the ones to put up the money.

A nice gesture, pure and simple.

I also covered some city high-school football on Friday. Kind of sad to see such a small crowd at Trevor Browne High, but both teams played their hearts out.

The weather here is still hot in the daytime, but by sunset it’s perfect. Looking forward to a cooldown soon.




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