Could this be the year for the Ducks?

2 10 2010

Shoot. I’d just be happy to see the Oregon Ducks win the Rose Bowl. But after today’s win over No. 9 Stanford, Oregon has a chance to be in the national title picture if it runs the table.

OK I’m realistic enough to know that one can only dream about something like this involving the Ducks. But they sure make it fun and entertaining. Down 21-3 early and winning 53-31. Chip Kelly can coach, and the team is loaded with players who are athletic and fit his system. But this whole BCS thing is flawed, oh well. It’s going to take a lot to fall the Ducks’ way to put them in a national championship game, which by the way would be right nearby me in Glendale, Ariz.

Enjoy this little EA Sports video. Ducks running around Stanford Trees. It’s an EA Sports simulation, trust me though, you’ll like it so hang in there with the commercial. You may have to copy and paste into a new browser, and oh yeah, FAIL on the simulation’s 26-20 Stanford win prediction!

It was a big day in sports. Giants-Padres-Braves coming down to the final day of the season, and it looks like it will go into next week to determine who is in the playoffs. A lot of good soccer action today and what a day in the Northwest. I watched the Timbers-Whitecaps live stream on video and it looked like just a perfect fall day back in my native region. I miss those nice autumn days, looks like we’ll finally cool down a little bit here in AZ next week.

On Friday I covered Class 2A high school football, Arizona Lutheran vs. Yuma Catholic.

Back to the Ducks, I think today’s win makes them 4-1 when ESPN College GameDay is in Eugene. Oregon seems to have this season what it hasn’t had in the past – a defense that can crank it up when needed. It’s the Pac-10 and it’s all about the offenses, but Oregon’s defense shut out Stanford in the second half.

Finally, want to say hello to Mom and Dad back home who are running the annual Jalapeno Open golf tournament to raise $$$ for scholarships. Proud of them, proud of my dad for putting in the time to make it happen year after year.




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