Thoughts on topics in sports, while battling a bad cold

29 09 2010

Saw some of that FC Barcelona-Rubin Kazan match this morning followed by Valencia-Manchester United in UEFA Champions League. I have a thought on each of those four teams.
Barcelona: Not digging the third kit color, but what a stacked lineup.
Rubin Kazan: The wide shot of the stadium with that kremlin and lights in the background, what a setting for a match. Solid performance by that team.
Valencia: Hope to visit that city next spring!
Manchester United: “Chicharo, chicharo, chicharo!!!” Not a fan of the team, but a fan of Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, who scored the decisive goal.

I watched the Tenth Inning of Ken Burns’ Baseball series last night on PBS. Good to see Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton on the program being interviewed among all of those other talking heads like Jon Miller, George Will, Steve Wilstein, etc. Great writers/orators one and all, but I appreciated some diversity with Breton and Howard Bryant, whose takes on Barry Bonds were solid. We as fans were in general so quick to sweep that HGH-steroids thing under the rug during that amazing home-run record chase in 1998, weren’t we? I admit I was pulling for Sammy Sosa…

-Yankees, Phillies, Reds, Rays, Rangers and Twins are in the postseason. I’d like to see the Padres get there, too, but theirs is the toughest road. I was really impressed how the Reds play the game when I saw them in person a couple of times this season. Not a fan, but it’s neat that they are playing meaningful games in October.

The end of Cal baseball: Budget cuts killed the program. Sad. OK current big-leaguers who were Golden Bears – pass the hat amongst yourselves and try to save the program. At least look into it. Jeff Kent, too. He made millions.

-Felix Hernandez for AL Cy Young Award. I’m on the bandwagon. I like the guy, plus he can pitch. He gets no run support, pitches a ton of innings and was the only thing worth watching on that disappointing Mariners team this season. Let him have his last start so he has the opportunity to hear it from the fans at home. Good post here by Geoff Baker on the implications of Hernandez making his last scheduled start Sunday.

Felix Hernandez, way back in spring training of this year.

-Big game for the Oregon Ducks hosting Stanford this weekend. The Pac-10 is strong so far. Ducks usually do well when ESPN College Gameday is there. They are 3-1 when Corso and crew come out.

-Fantasy football has been for the most part frustrating. But it’s early in the season. Never thought I’d be rooting for Michael Turner or Austin Collie or heaven forbid, Tom Brady and Mike Vick, to do well!




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